About Us

Soooooo… there is no “US” 😀 It’s just me in this about us page. I would have put, “about me” but it looked kinda silly. 😀

First let me tell you who I am. My name is Ed and I was diagnosed with stage 4 carcinoid cancer in 2013. It is a rare form of cancer and is currently incurable. I say currently incurable because I have hope for a cure. I have a beautiful wife and son and I plan on living as long as possible. 🙂  I have a blog called Carcinoid-Cancer.com and it’s a mix of technical articles with inspiration, general information and my personal feelings about this and that. I have posted my Cancer Story on the blog and you can read it here.  I will cross post to and from both of these blogs every so often. 🙂

This website is an experiment.

My current plan is to allow simple ads to help people who have cancer, and are looking to make a little money, connect with customers.  This is a business directory so list your business not individual products. I will try to figure out a way to list products at a later point. Maybe a different website will need to be created? 😀

This website is being designed to give people with cancer an opportunity to share their products or services in an organized manor without a fee although things may change later.  In other words, if you have cancer or you care for someone with cancer or something similar then feel free to submit an ad. Currently there is no charge to do so. Things may change but it is not in the plan. 🙂  I do hope to offer more “up scale” services that allow me to charge some money but my plan for that is further down the road.   🙂

I also plan on blogging about business. I plan to share what I know and I hope you will share what you know. 🙂  I have run businesses before, have an MBA and my undergraduate degree is in computer science. I worked many years running an web based business and also worked for large corporations as a software engineer and I was even a webmaster at one point. I had to sell my last business because of my cancer diagnosis. It’s a long story but one day, I will probably write a post about it. I hope to share things that you might find helpful. I also hope to expand my knowledge and share that as well.

If you are looking to purchase products or services and would like to support those with cancer then I hope this is the place for you. If you are looking to make a few bucks and have cancer or support somebody with cancer then I hope this place is for you. 🙂  Please keep me posted if you have trouble listing your business, being found or finding people. This is not a go fund me sort of thing but you can list links to those places if you wish. This is for people who are trying to “go fund themselves”. 😀

Be prosperous and welcome to the cancer commerce corner,

Ed 🙂